About Us

Kerala Academy of Sciences (KAS) is a professional organization of scientists, technologists, physicians, academicians and science managers. The KAS was founded, and was registered as a society, in 1989 in the campus of the University of Kerala due to the pioneering efforts of Prof.Dr.K.T.Augusti, a renowned Professor of Biochemistry, University of Kerala. The Academy received registration under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act,1955 with Prof. Dr.R.N.Pillai, University of Kerala as the Founder President and Prof.Dr.K.T.Augusti as the Founder General Secretary of KAS who continued to serve, and thus build up, the Academy for several years. The Academy has three categories of memberships: Honorary Fellowship by conferment on renowned scientists, technologists and medical professionals; Fellowship by nomination of its life members and Life Membership by application. The Academy has conferred Honorary Fellowship on Dr.P.K.Iyengar, Dr.K.Kasturirangan, Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, Prof.Dr.M.S.Valiathan, Dr.VargheseKurien ,Dr.G.Madhavan Nair, Dr.K.Radhakrishnan, Prof.Dr.M.Vijayan, Prof.Dr.V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai and Prof.Dr.A.Ajayaghosh.


• To promote a free scientific temper among the research workers and the public.
• To provide a common forum to exchange views on matters related to Science.
• To propagate the essence of the research institutions.
• To facilitate the exposure of important achievements in science elsewhere in the country and abroad.
• To encourage scientists to take up projects in their and related area.
• To be a source for initiating inter-disciplinary research.
• To make known the facilities available for research in the Universities and elsewhere in the country.
• To initiate steps for establishing such facilities in the Universities and Scientific institutions as and when required.
• To work for establishing new scientific laboratories for the upliftment of the state in thrust areas and improvement of the Scientific achievements of the country.
• To organize seminars, symposia, workshops and other suitable progerammes, achieve these objectives with the help of scientists in and outside India.
• To institute fellowships, award lectures etc. to promote scientists.
• To issue bulletins, proceeding etc. of the seminars, lectures etc. periodically.


In the last two decades, the Academy has strived much to popularize science and to promote science as a career, to facilitate science research and to cultivate an enthusiasm for science among the students in Kerala. Thus the Academy endeavours to promote progress of science, both in pure and applied branches, in the state of Kerala and in the nation. The Academy realizes that attracting young talents to science is crucial and due to the manifold of other avenues available to the talented ones, an interest in science needs to be inculcated at the higher secondary school level. The Academy considers that the Fellows and Life Members of the Academy bear in them the responsibility to individually and collectivel promote science in all its aspects through meetings, discussions, seminars, workshops, competitions, publications, recommendations to the government and extension activities. The Academy actively seeks out resources, both financial and personnel, to conduct the above activities from state and union governments, foundations and similar sources. The present council KSCSTE, and the earlier council STEC, both, has remained a very strong supporter of the Academy, ever since its inception, for its activities in relation to the promotion and spread of the message of science and in its attempt to nurture the scientific talent amongst the young.