To promote a free scientific temper among the research workers and the public.
To provide a common forum to exchange views on matters related to Science.
To propagate the essence of the research institutions.
To facilitate the exposure of important achievements in science elsewhere in the country and abroad.
To encourage scientists to take up projects in their and related area.
To be a source for initiating inter-disciplinary research.
To make known the facilities available for research in the Universities and elsewhere in the country.
To initiate steps for establishing such facilities in the Universities and Scientific institutions as and when required.
To work for establishing new scientific laboratories for the upliftment of the state in thrust areas and improvement of the Scientific achievements of the country.
To organize seminars, symposia, workshops and other suitable progerammes, achieve these objectives with the help of scientists in and outside India.
To institute fellowships, award lectures etc. to promote scientists.
To issue bulletins, proceeding etc. of the seminars, lectures etc. periodically.